INFANT PROGRAM (6 weeks – 12 months)   


 Our infants are cared for in a specially equipped nursery providing the personal attention, security, stimulation and nurturing they require.  Our caregivers provide the auditory and visual stimuli that prepare the infants for the next level of development.  Indoor activities as well as outdoor activities are planned in order to teach gross and fine motor skills.  Parents can expect daily reports both written and verbally on eating, new developments and changing schedules.  The Guppy classroom is exceptionally clean with all staff and parents required to wear disposable "booties" before entering.  Our outdoor playground is also equipped with Soft Play (artificial) grass which allows the infants to crawl around without the potential of placing small mulch pieces in their mouths.

 TODDLER PROGRAM (12 – 24 months) 

Our Toddler Program provides many opportunities for the children to express themselves and their newly found power of mobility.  Our staff encourages creativity through hands-on activities associated with our “Theme of the Week” that further develop the language, fine and gross motor skills necessary to thrive in the world around them.  Our circle time, story time, music and movement and other planned daily activities will allow them to grow in their language skills, problem solving skills and interaction with others.  Again, you will receive daily reports that will enable you to know and be a part of what your child is learning throughout his/her day. Our outdoor play areas are both age appropriate and feature fans and plenty of shade to ensure the comfort of our children during playtime.


PRESCHOOL (Two, Three and Four Years Old)    

Our preschool program is a stimulating environment that is both creative and energetic while enriching them in a multi-sensory environment.  With the introduction to the A-Beka Curriculum (phonics based reading program) along with the “Theme of the Week” activities, their day is full of adventure and excitement.  They will begin writing their names, learning math and language concepts as well as participate in hands on science projects and social studies.  Classes are specifically designed with learning centers for individual and group projects.  Problem solving skills will become a key part of their learning and sharing growth and will be integrated with both center play and curriculum time. Preschool Screenings & Assessments will be done twice a year (in January and in May).  Our preschool playgrounds are also equipped with fans and plenty of shade to ensure the comfort and coolness of your children.


PRE-KINDERGARTEN (Age 4 by Sept. 1st)      

A magical year, our Pre-K class will prepare your child for the more advanced thought processes that are needed for life in kindergarten, as well as for the gifted and talented programs in our area public schools.  Years of experience in fine motor development, letter recognition, writing skills and phonics come together in recognizable letter formation and newly found clarity of the written word.  Confidence in conflict resolution results in creative solutions enhancing their growing physical and intellectual independence.  A few field trips along with a spectacular Graduation ceremony (caps, gowns and the whole bit) are just a few of the special activities your child will participate in this year.  Pre-Kindergarten Screenings and Assessments will be done twice a year (in January and in May).  Results will be discussed in parent conferences (if so desired), which will help to determine your child’s strengths, and areas in which they are still developing including visual, auditory and cognitive skills.  With our high powered fans and plenty of shade on each playground, rest assured that your child will be cool and comfortable while playing outdoors.




AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM (Ages 5 - 10)    

This program is for elementary school children of our local schools.  We offer a safe, stimulating environment with transportation on our new, air conditioned bus.  Each child has his/her own seat belt and is in the best of hands!  After-school time is spent finishing homework, working on computers, engaging in physical fitness, playing games and engaging in art projects.  A mid-afternoon snack will also be given..


  SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM (Ages 5 - 11)  

Our summer camp program consists of three sessions (3 weeks each).  It is filled with a field trip each day along with planned games, art activities, food experiences and more!  We provide a Junior camp (ages 5 - 7) and a Senior camp (ages 8 - 11) with age appropriate activities and field trips each day.  This program is managed by a well-trained, very organized staff with years of experience and trained in Child First Aid and CPR.


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