Current Parents

What exactly is the WatchMeGrow program?


Our center provides as a service to our families the WatchMeGrow Internet viewing system, which allows a parent or family member with Internet access (using a web browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer) to view live images of their child while at school.  In addition to the streaming video, you will be provided with schedules, message boards and other features designed to enhance the communication between yourself, your child, and our center. The best part of this system is THERE IS NO COST TO YOU!  When we opened our center we wanted to provide each and every family with this added feature so that you can know that your child is in the best of hands and that you can watch live or review the entire day in the evening. Once your child is enrolled you will be given your own username and password to ensure the utmost security possible.  The only downside to this is you probably won't get much work done at the office!



If You Haven't Signed Up For The "WATCH ME GROW" Internet Viewing System, Please Do So!

There Is No Charge To You And It Gives You The Chance To Peek In At Your Child When You Can't Be With Them.